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Address: 12 Camden row, Dublin 8
Design & Consultancy specialists in Mechanical, Electrical & Sustainability Engineering

Sectors / Hospitality

JAK has a large portfolio within the hospitality sector. We work closely with developers, architects and owner operators to create unique comfort designs for hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure centres and conference centres by providing the appropriate mechanical & electrical services design requirements. Our long term involvements and work in this industry has given us opportunities to develop projects and work with clients across the globe with our services reaching locations in New York City, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Iraq and China to name but a few.

We understand hospitality and the customer’s demands within this industry. Our team of engineers and consultants provide MEP design and consultancy for large scale projects. We have a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge which enables us to provide expert advice and uncomplicated design solution for the end user and operators.

The hospitality sector has such high level demands. Catering for thousands of customers is every operator’s main focus. As an operator/owner your facility is your business and must fit the expectations of your customers. Your aspirations more often align with your guest’s expectations. Our expert engineering design skills and our unmatched knowledge of organisational behaviour are behind every solution we offer.

We specialise in a multitude of areas which are both characteristic and legislative:

  • Low velocity, low noise level ventilation services
  • Rapid response heating and cooling systems
  • Micro/ localised controls
  • Low energy lighting designs and sensible switching arrangement
  • Intelligent room hospitality services
  • Conferencing systems – audio & visual
  • Front of house system & integration
  • Lighting concepts – sceen sellings and modulating lighting systems
  • Energy efficiency – waste water control, water heat etc.
  • High speed uninterrupted IT connectivity solutions


Sample Projects:

Camden Exchange

Dublin 2- ground floor bar, first floor kitchens and services and external smoking area. Detailed design emphasis on acoustics and lighting spillage

North Star Hotel

Dublin 1- new extension including 80 bedrooms, over basement, new restaurant, bar & kitchen, refurbishment of 130 existing rooms over a 16 month period. The works were carried out while the hotel continued to operate.

Marquette Restaurant

Largest restaurant in Dublin Airport, winner of best restaurant in europe.

Featured Project

McGettigan’s International Hospitality Group

Projects completed in Asia, USA, UAE, UK & Ireland

Featured Project

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